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Our Wines

Our wines are the purest expression of the Maipo Valley, from the Andes Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. They faithfully reflect their terroir in every bottle. The quality and consistency transcend in time, and in the memories of people.

Iconos & Ultrapremium

Rivalta is a wine made in tribute to Pedro Pavone-Voglino, father of Don Félix Pavone, founder of Santa Ema. Rivalta is a limited production wine. This blend is made every year with just 20 of the best barrels of the red wine in the winery.

Ema Sparkling

Santa Ema Gran Reserva Pinot Noir is an intense red color with purple glints. The aromas are very complex and delicate, with notes of strawberry, raspberry, sweet vanilla, and a hint of nutmeg. This Pinot Noir is smooth and delicate on the palate, with refreshing acidity, good balance, and a long, pleasing finish.


AMPLUS: In Latin it means important, sophisticated, distinguished, and honorable.
This line represents the meeting of tradition and modernity, reflected in wines of origin with complexity and elegance, from the best terroirs in Chile.

Gran Reserva

A Santa Ema classic. This line brings together tradition and modernity, reflected in the complex and elegant wines. With 8 months aging in American and French oak barrels, the wines are recognized for their consistency through time.


Barrel Reserve 60/40. One of the first blends in Chile comprised of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. The vines used for this wine are located in the heart of the valley, very close to the banks of the Maipo River, where they receive the influence of the rock soil and the breezes that come down off the Andes, as well as those that enter from the coast.

Select Terroir Reserva

With great fruit expression in the reds and freshness in the whites, this line has an unmistakable typicity and purity in each of its varieties, standing out among its peers.
The wines age for 6 months in French and American oak (just the reds). The wines are easy to drink and enjoy, and go well with a wide range of food and cuisines.