Project Santa Ema 30K

Santa Ema 30K is a social and economic integration project focused on the community where our winery is located. The project looks to lend support in the exhibition, distribution, and sales of products made by small businesses that are less than 30 kilometers from the winery, and that do not currently have a place to sell their goods, in order to help promote their products.



Eureka - Laboratorio de Ideas, or Idea Lab, began with a friendship and the desire to create a space to collaborate, experiment, and manage projects in the areas of design and production. In our workshop we have tools for laser cutting, etching, and graphic design, bringing these new technologies and design tools to the local small-business community. We are inspired by the identity and daily realities of the people, projects, and communities, and we believe in the value of locally made products from natural materials, together with creativity and technology that can be used as a service to society. All of our projects are used with natural and local raw materials.

Hand-made products.

Manuel Rodríguez 723, Isla de Maipo, Metropolitan Region.

Senderos del Maipo

Senderos del Maipo is a small business that began 5 years ago by two young people with the skills and knowledge necessary for working with leather. They have been growing ever since, in order to meet the needs of their diverse clients, always delivering high-quality products. Hand-made products.

Dirección calle El Establo #15, San Antonio de Naltagua. Isla de Maipo.
Facebook: @Diegoalexis.Luna.V

Tea Wine

Teawine is a line of gourmet teas inspired by the organoleptic notes of Chilean wine. It’s a product that blends different teas (green, black, red, white, and others) with fruits and spices that allow you to identify the different grape varieties found in Chilean wine.

Teawine is an innovative, exclusive, high-quality product that combines the history of two of the most noble beverages, tea and wine, making gourmet teas that are unique in both Chile and around the world.

Hand-made products.

Ximena Urzúa, Director.
Telephone: (+56 9) 77483897

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