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Committed to people and the environment.

National Code of Sustainability

Awarded in 2011 by the Wines of Chile organization, this certification supports the adequate use of sustainable practices in 3 areas: vineyard, installations, and social responsibility.

The initial focus is on the following themes: reducing energy consumption in all processes; areas of biological conservation in the vineyards; natural grass areas to promote soil conservation; management and responsibility of inorganic solid waste; use of fertilizers that favor the proliferation of natural enemies; and irrigation practices based on efficient water use.

As a winery we have demonstrated a great ability to reduce our risk potential in the environmental and social areas, thanks to our day-to-day efforts in the elaboration and production of wine. We are constantly anticipating the incorporation of real measures, and ensuring that our practices are more sustainable, protecting our natural environment.

Social Responsibility

Viña Santa Ema works hard all year in different Corporate Social Responsibility projects that sustain themselves by the creation of environmental, economic, and social value, focusing on local communities, workers, and interest groups.
The company is conscious of the impacts generated on an environmental and social level, which is why we promote actions that foment positive reactions and reduce negative ones, in order to generate real social growth that involves both individuals as well as organizations.
With this objective in mind, throughout the year there are distinct activities that take place, including workshops, donations, support and sponsorship in the areas of education, sports, and clubs, social entrepreneurship, campaigns focused on moderate consumption and education, among others.

Social Responsibility 2019
Social Responsibility 2017/2018
Social Responsibility 2016/2017
Social Responsibility 2015/2016

Sustainability Policy

We understand that innovation in business must take place within the framework of the management and relationships of the winery’s social and natural environment.


CSR Actions

Our actions are sustained in the values of commitment, respect, honesty, and responsibility.

We work for open and constant communication with our groups of interest.

We have a strong commitment to people, ethical values, the community, and the environment, and support work towards the common good.

Santa Ema 30k

Santa Ema 30K is a social and economic integration project focused on the community where our winery is located. The project looks to lend support in the exhibition, distribution, and sales of products made by small businesses that are less than 30 kilometers from the winery, and that do not currently have a place to sell their goods, in order to help promote their products.

Meet our Project Santa Ema 30K

National Code of Sustainability
We incorporate sustainable practices based on high social and environmental quality standards. We generate optimal communication with our suppliers, clients, and the local community.

We direct our actions towards an environment free of alcohol and drug consumption at work. We hold preventative workshops for all of Santa Ema’s workers.

We look to include our ethical principals in the day-to-day labors of our workers.

Ethics Code