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An unrivaled environment in the Maipo Valley

An unrivaled environment in the Maipo Valley

An unrivaled environment in the Maipo Valley

Stories that stand the test of time

The large Santa Ema family includes all of the people that work day to day at the winery.

What unites this large family is the passion, values, and commitment we all have to produce wines of the highest quality.

This commitment to our work has left a large legacy, a mark that transcends generations, both of the workers and the Pavone family.

Being part of the Santa Ema family has changed the lives of a lot of people and their families.

Many people have grown up with Santa Ema wines present during special moments in their lives. Santa Ema is important to a lot of people, because one way or another, we’ve grown together with the brand.

Santa Ema, stories that transcend time.


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From the Mountains to the Coast

Our vineyards are found from the mountains to the coast in the Maipo Valley, one of the most important and best zones in Chile for the production of world-class wines, as the area lends unique characteristics to our wines from each of the terroirs.


Maipo Alto

The name Cerro Blanco comes from the color of the soil which contains calcium carbonate, found in large amounts in the waters of the Maipo River, which irrigates the vineyards in this zone.

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El Peral

Maipo Medio

Vineyards located on the banks of the Maipo River are bathed in the mist that rises off the river in the mornings. This particular condition in the area produces very aromatic wines with good acidity. The wines are the living expression of fresh fruit.

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Maipo Costa

A coastal cool-climate vineyard that sees maximum temperatures of 24–25ºC (75–77ºF) in summer, but with lots of wind and sun that help produce wines with great aromatic expression, high acidity, and lots of ripe fresh fruit without any hints of green.

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A unique experience together wtih the best wines

Our wines are the purest expression of the Maipo Valley, from the Coastal Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. They reflect the most authentic expression of their terroir in each bottle. A quality and consistency that transcends time and the lives of many people.


Located just 45 minutes from Santiago, we invite you to enjoy a unique experience. You can visit our modern cellar and try our wines in an exclusive setting located among the vineyards. Come visit us!

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