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Viña Santa Ema works tirelessly all year in various projects of Corporate Social Responsibility that produce value environmentally, economically, and socially, focused on the local community, our collaborators, and other groups of interest.

The company is conscious of the different impacts generated in the environment and the community, which is why we promote activities that help foment the positive aspects and reduce the negative, with the goal of generating real, social growth that includes both individuals and organizations.

With these objectives, throughout the year we participate in a variety of diverse activities. Some examples of these are workshops, donations, support and sponsorships in education, support and sponsorships for sports teams and clubs, activities related to social entrepreneurship, campaigns focused on responsible consumption and education, among others.

CSR Actions


Our actions are sustained in the values of commitment, respect, honesty, and responsibility.


We work for open and constant communication with our groups of interest.


We have a strong commitment to people, ethical values, the community, and the environment, and support work towards the common good.