Late Harvest Tardío

Santa Ema’s Tardio is a Late Harvest wine made from Sauvignon Blanc grapes.

The grapes are dried on the vine and harvested by hand in the fall, producing a concentration of the sugars and aromas.

Tardío is a brilliant golden color with intense aromas of Turkish apricot, dried flowers, cinnamon, cedar, orange peel, and a hint of citrus. The palate is enveloping and voluminous, with a great balance between the acidity and the sweetness.

Santa Ema Tardío is ideal to accompany cheeses, cured ham, foie gras, desserts, and nuts.


These wines reflect a young, captivating spirit with unique personalities, comprising a different and attractive offering, with wines that stand out for their unmistakable aromas and flavors.

Technical Sheet

Late Harvest Tadío 2018


Awards & Recognitions

90 Points - La Cav 2020

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